True Inspiration: Robert Beattie, Obese AND Out of Shape Turned Lean Powerlifter

Essentially this will read as a testimonial because I have worked with Rob for years now and introduced him to Powerlifting a couple of years ago.

Once upon a time he was known as ‘Fat Rob.’ Needless to say he had come a long way since then.


One of his more flattering ‘fat pics’

This isn’t a ‘look at just how happy he is because he’s lost weight!’ posts either. Fat people aren’t necessarily miserable or unhealthy. What I admire in Rob is his unending dedication towards achieving goals.

Goal 1

Achieve a six-pack= achieved (despite constant hunger and a host of other issues)

Goal 2- Become a competitive powerlifter. Has he achieved this? He certainly has.

Below are some videos of his lifts at a recent competition where he totalled 490kg from his squat, deadlift and bench press. He would have got 500kg but for a mistake on his 3rd bench press attempt. But 500kg will be shattered soon.

220kg Deadlift

90kg Bench Press (He got 100 on the next lift)

170kg Squat

Goal 3- 500kg+ Total= soon to be achieved

No fad diet got Rob to where he is today. No 10 minute miracle ab work out. No secret supplement stack (I try and try to get him to take creatine though, he still hasn’t budged, stubborn swine!)

Just dedication and consistent progressively heavier lifting and listening to the right people (certainly not just me) got him here. His deadlift has the potential to break records. No pressure Mr Beattie.

Well done Rob on your first of many competitions. I hope to be on the platform with you soon and look forward to our continued friendship in and out of the gym.

While I don’t want this to be a testimonial, at it’s heart I am a trainer interested and passionate about getting people stronger. If that’s something you want to do drop me an email at or add me on facebook (facebook name: Chris Kershaw PT) and send me a message.

Be strong. Be confident. Lift big. Be consistent (unless you’re consistently lazy!)

Chris Kershaw


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