A Thoroughly Not Violent and Not Shouty Testimonial- Peter Redfern’s OutFIT Journey So Far

Peter Redfern Age: 60 (I thought late 40’s early 50’s, but clearly I know nothing)

A bit about Peter from my perspective:

I’ve worked with him for just a few weeks now, having just taken over the Wetherby OutFIT location. He related to me how badly injured his knee’s are/ were and has proceeded to storm every single session I’ve seen him take part in. He continues to make great strides in his fitness levels and I wish him the best of luck in getting back into the sweaty and violent world of football. Here’s to seeing you at many more OutFIT sessions in future Pete!

Chris K

Ok here’s what Peter has to say about OutFIT:


“I’ve been going to circuits classes, keep fit classes and played football up and down the country for over 40 years. I rate the Outfit classes as the most enjoyable, varied and effective sessions I have ever tried.

I had to stop football at 57 due to repeated knee knack following breaking my ACL at 50. After a year of Outfit my knees are the best they have been in years!

I am now thinking about another footy comeback!

(Writer’s note: I love his use of the word ‘another.’ Pete definitely doesn’t seem like someone comfortable with ever slowing down!)

The combination of working outdoors and the friendly but competitive nature of the classes make the experience almost as enjoyable as football – without the swearing and violence of course (CK- I’m sure I swear sometimes.)

I started the year querying what the male equivalent to dropping a dress size was and was informed that it’s moving the next hole on your belt.

I have done that easily and I think am in the best shape I have been in for years, so thanks from Jane for that!”

Peter Redfern


OutFIT is a growing Outdoor Fitness Community with many locations. We try to distinguish ourselves from the competitiors by focusing on quality instruction rather than just yelling a lot and giving everyone a ‘beasting.’ Don’t mistake me on this…you’ll get a thorough working out but it will be appropriate to you, with harder or easier versions of everything at our fingertips. Any level of fitness can take part.

You can find our site at www.outfituk.com and you can book in for your first free session there.

Happy Fitness 🙂




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