The Powerlifting Mentality- Pushing Through Diabetes

One of my clients (called Zoe!) linked me up to this article by Ginger Vieira (which is a lovely name!) and I found it inspirational.

All I have to worry about when training is actually lifting the weights and turning up.

What I luckily don’t have to worry about is blood sugar and diabetes.

“There was no way around it, and powerlifting gave me a kind of motivation to manage my diabetes that I’d never had before.”

Ginger Vieira

I don’t personally know many people with diabetes well enough to see how it affects their lives but I imagine that it is a constant burden especially if the diet isn’t in check.

With Ginger, Powerlifting has given her the focus to control her diabetes to a point where she can compete in the sport which I’m sure has massive carry over to the rest of her life away from the gym and away from the lifting platform.


Ginger Vieira

While I’m sure you can find examples of this for any sport or gym activity (even crossfit) I wanted to give Powerlifting a special mention for a number of reasons:

  1. I love it
  2. Powerlifting still associated with really fat people with many people and the “more mass moves more mass” mentality is constantly disappearing from Powerlifting. I want to keep that going
  3. I think strength training is one of the most underrated training methodologies for staying lean and healthy.

I love picking up really heavy weights and that’s why I do it around 6 times a week at least once per day.

If you’re bored with your usual gym routine take a look into Powerlifting. There is a sport out there and a training methodology out there that suits everyone. Very few of them are as supportive as the world of Powerlifting. Google it and see.

There are very few excuses for not staying healthy. Especially when the training is so much fun.

“Focusing on my blood sugar, insulin sensitivity, nutritional needs and exercise programs for powerlifting helps me become a stronger, healthier diabetic. It doesn’t make diabetes harder.  In the end, it makes it easier, because I’ve had to learn and understand so much more about the physiology of how my body works.”

Ginger Vieira

You learn about your body when you actively try and get the most out of it (especially when your health depends on it like with diabetes.) Take a leaf out of Ginger’s book and take control of your conditions wherever you can.

Chris Kershaw


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